About me



I am a 51-year-old Christian woman of great faith. I am also wife, mother of two grown sons, mother-in-law and grandmother who is navigating, once again, recovery from an Eating Disorder that I first fell prey to as an adolescent. As a young mother I finally entered into residential treatment. I found my voice, God’s great love for me, and I lived in recovery for over 20 years.

Four years ago my voice fell on deaf ears. I wondered where God was in my life; was he in my life? I reached for the eating disorder when I should have reached out and trusted The Father. I let my body say what my family couldn’t hear. I turned my back on Jesus, but he never turned his back on me. He is cool like that!

I have a unique perspective on eating disorders as both an adolescent and a grown woman. My hope is to reach out to those with eating disorders (mental illness), and their families, and bring people to know the love Christ. I have spoken in many high schools and churches about my journey and/or my faith. I was the recovery keynote speaker for the 2015 National Eating Disorders Association Walk in Cincinnati where I live with my husband of 30 years.