Kind words


Decades in the making, this beautifully written book was well worth the wait! Lisabeth shares her deeply personal and raw account of her journey with anorexia, and through her faith, she finds hope for everyone who struggles with mental illness. If you have a loved one with an eating disorder, this is the book you’ve been praying for. A must read!

Susan Davis-Ali, PhD
President, Leadhership1, LLC
USA Today Columnist

As a retired Clinical Counselor I find the writing of Lisabeth searingly blunt and holding back no punches. In this book she tells real stories of a woman trapped for decades but gaining hope and healing from a deadly disease. If you are ready to face the reality of human bondage and the need for love, patience and prayer, read this book.

DR. GARY SWEETEN, Retired LPCC and author

Lisabeth is a gifted writer, she poignantly shares her journey of recovery from an eating disorder as a middle-aged woman, feeling her voice is marginalized. She shares the importance of her professional team throughout her recovery, and most importantly where she draws her inner strength – her faith in God, along with support from family and friends. Lisabeth’s courage, grace and faith are inspiring– she shares how she learned to draw on her inner strength, and look at each day as a chance for a fresh start; to reach- out and hang-on to hope in the midst of challenges.

PAULA BRUNER, President Tri-State Eating Disorder Resource Team

Eating Disorders during mid-life? That is what Lisabeth Kaeser thought as she relapsed from adolescent eating disorders. Eating by Faith brings the reader up-close and personal to all the distorted thoughts that play over and over in Lisabeth’s head. Never before has the reader had a first-hand account of the day-to-day struggles that a person with mid-life eating disorders experiences from the inside looking out. A must-read for anyone suffering, as well as family and friends who can’t seem to grasp how life consuming and dangerous this psychiatric disease can be.